The Best Places To VISIT At Tokyo To An Enjoyable TIME

Deciding where you want to visit in the world’s most populous city can be difficult. That’s why we have listed the Best Places to Visit at Tokyo to have a Pleasant time for you.

Best Places To Visit At Tokyo

Tokyo National Museum

Assuming you need to know a little about Japan’s historical past, the Tokyo National Museum is the place to go. This historic center is arguably the largest exhibition hall in the country, housing approximately 116,000 antiques and ancient rare items that traverse Japan’s longest recorded history.

Tokyo National Museum - places to visit at tokyo
Tokyo National Museum – places to visit at tokyo

Wandering through the lobbies of its various buildings, you will see relics such as samurai shields and knives, fine stoneware, kimonos, calligraphy, canvases, and much more, some of which have been designated as irreplaceable assets and Important Cultural Properties.

It is the property of the Japanese government. Despite ancient artifacts against Japan’s historical background, you’ll discover pieces from all over the Asian landmass, including Buddhist scrolls dating back to 607 BC.

Imperial Palace

Although it is thought that the Imperial Palace will be overflowing with holidaymakers, this is not the case. You can attribute the absence of groups to an enforcement strategy that limits the number of guests. This is because the Imperial Palace is home to the Emperor of Japan and his royal family.

Imperial Palace  - places to visit at tokyo
Imperial Palace – places to visit at tokyo

Moreover, before that, it was the home of some of Japan’s most important figures, including the leaders of Emperor Meiji. Due to its great importance in Japanese society, access to the site is cumbersome (you have to submit your application half a month in advance) and access inside the actual castle is even less and far.

As a result, most travelers recommend avoiding the practice inside and out (visiters were surprised how little of the castle is open to guests) and appreciate the compound from a remote location. All things considered, the way it is an absolute necessity does not change.

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Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine is a Shinto (Japan’s unique religion) sanctuary devoted to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Japanese history credits Meiji for modernizing Japan by joining Western standards into Japanese society, including embracing a bureau framework in government.

After the passing of the ruler in 1912 and his better half in 1914, the Japanese remembered their commitments with the Meiji Shrine. While the structures are unquestionably worth a visit, the encompassing woods is likewise an absolute necessity. This is on the grounds that 100,000 of the standing trees were given by the Japanese from everywhere the nation as a thank you to the sovereign.

 Meiji Shrine - place to visit tokyo
Meiji Shrine – place to visit tokyo

When in a particularly holy spot, set aside the effort to clarify the conventional customs. As you enter the sanctuary, you will initially meet the Torii or the sanctuary’s wide entrance.

We recommend you to visit 2 times, once at the entrance and once at the exit. To outsiders, it might appear to be a spotless water fountain. Nonetheless, it is really a filtration station where guests have the chance to filter themselves with blessed water. It is not mandatory to completely wash your hands and rinse your mouth.

However, don’t drink the water or let the wooden scoops gave contact with your lips. While pushing toward the essential special stepped area, it is standard to show respect by bowing twice, then praising twice, making a wish, and bowing once more. Fulfilling such respect is optional. It’s not the rules of the blessed spot. Do whatever it takes not to photograph inside structures. Do whatever it takes not to eat, drink or smoke with the exception of in case you are in allotted locales.

Sensoji Temple

The most experienced solid site in Tokyo is likewise the most visited. Sensoji Temple sees around 30 million guests a year. It also extends to 628. Regardless of their status as a relic, the currently surviving designs are partially continuing reproductions of previous structures (deleted in II.).

Sensoji Temple is dedicated to Asakusa Kannon, the lord of Buddhist tolerance and contentment. Rumors from far away suggest that gold struck while two fishermen were fishing in the Sumida River.

Sensoji Temple - places to visit tokyo
Sensoji Temple – places to visit tokyo

Then, at that point, he discovers a statue of the god. Sensoji temple is reserved for this lucky hunt. It even honors the fisherman who bought the statue. Unfortunately, you cannot see the actual statue while you are here. It is there but not open to the general population.

Buddhists and curious explorers race to this spell in the expectation that being in sight of Kannon’s therapeutic forces will discolor them. After appropriately visiting Sensoji, what you will find while heading to the asylum. Take some effort to peruse the shops around Nakamise Dori.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo has a number of tall buildings that offer a high perspective. What makes the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower special? Obviously, it’s free! At 202 meters (662 feet), the two observatories (North and South observatories) are the most notable survey focuses you can reach without crushing a little yen (mainly apparently) in the city.

 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building - place to visit in tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – place to visit in tokyo


Like Fifth Avenue in New York, Oxford Street in London, and the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Tokyo also has Ginza. The area is a customer’s heaven with grandstands, everything being equal, from moderate, huge name retailers like H&M and Zara to extravagance configuration houses like Dior, Armani, and Cartier.

Ginza - places to visit from tokyo
Ginza – places to visit from tokyo

You can likewise discover numerous strength stores selling conventional things like kimonos, incense, and chopsticks, just as more uncommon discoveries like catches, model trains, and even stores committed to charcoal-mixed excellence items. You can likewise discover numerous Hello Kitty things at the Sanrio leader store situated here, just as all the toys your kid (or your) heart wants in the tremendous Hakuhinkan Toy Park.

In case you’re not a major customer, Ginza actually offers a lot of activities. The area is additionally an expressions center point, home to in excess of 200 exhibitions. There are likewise numerous theaters. Assuming you need to get a customary kabuki execution while in Tokyo, Kabuki-za is viewed as truly outstanding in the city.

 Ginza - places to visit in tokyo
Ginza – places to visit in tokyo

What’s more, in case you’re a foodie, you’ll most likely be in Ginza at any rate. This is on the grounds that the area is home to a few Michelin-appraised eateries, including the three-star Ginza Kojyu, which is viewed as one of the 50 best cafés on the planet.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Just west of downtown Tokyo lies a stunning metropolitan desert spring. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden contains 144 sections of green space and is notable for combining three finishing styles: Japanese Traditional, French Painting, and English Garden.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden - place to go in tokyo
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – place to go in tokyo

During the spring, the recreation center gives guests additional impetus for the energetic showcase of cherry blossoms. If you’re planning to visit at this perfect time, do as nearby and head to the culinary-equipped retreat.


Akihabara is nirvana for professionals. Likewise alluded to as “Akiba,” Tokyo’s head hardware locale has a wide range of contraptions found inside roads and high road megastores. On the racks, you’ll probably see state-of-the-art innovation that will humiliate your gear.

Also, in case you’re on the lookout for difficult to come by outfits or boobs, you’re probably going to discover it here, as well. In case you don’t know where to begin, stop at the amazing Yodobashi store (typically charged as the world’s biggest gadgets store) or stroll down Chuo Dori, the local’s central avenue, which is shut to traffic on Sundays.

Akihabara - places to visit at Tokyo
Akihabara – places to visit at Tokyo

Other than being a hardware center, Akihabara additionally obliges genuine gamers and anime sweethearts. Here you will discover various arcades just as shops and road slow down selling comic book and character figures. You will likewise conceivable see a couple of cosplayers strolling arbitrarily down the road.

Ghibli Museum

Akihabara is nirvana for technicians. Also referred to as “Akiba,” Tokyo’s premier electronics district has all kinds of gadgets found in side streets and high street megastores. On the shelves, you’ll likely see cutting-edge technology that will put your equipment to shame. And if you’re in the market for hard-to-find gowns or boobs, you’re likely to find it here, too.

Ghibli Museum - place to go tokyo
Ghibli Museum – place to go tokyo

In case you don’t know where to begin, stop at the awesome Yodobashi store (typically charged as the world’s biggest gadgets store) or stroll down Chuo Dori, the local’s central avenue, which is shut to traffic on Sundays. Besides being an electronics hub, Akihabara also caters to serious gamers and anime lovers.

Here you will find numerous arcades as well as shops and street stalls selling comic books and character figures. You will also likely see a few cosplayers walking randomly down the street.


Imagine a smaller-than-normal Atlantis emerging from the water, directly close to downtown Tokyo, which helps. This is Odaiba. Held in Tokyo Bay, this district/smaller island is the center of eye-catching design, including entertainment, restaurant, and state-of-the-art Fuji Television building.

Odaiba - place to go tokyo
Odaiba – place to go tokyo

Some of the attractions include the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, as well as the laid-back Odaiba Beach Park, equipped with its own waterfront and Tokyo’s own Statue of Liberty. Likewise, there is a large group of activity congregations that children will certainly appreciate. At Tokyo Leisure Land in Palette Town, you’ll discover go-karts on the Mega Web and one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels.

There’s also the Legoland Discovery Center. The DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and Deck Tokyo Beach office offers parcels in the eating and shopping method, despite the entertainment options. Meanwhile, adults will be attracted to Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, a characteristic underground aquifer amusement park where guests can wander in traditional yukata robes while stretching their toes in one of 13 accessible showers.

Odaiba - place to go tokyo
Odaiba – place to go tokyo

In any case, the stunning viewpoints across the water, along with the numerous outages in Odaiba, have caused most eyes to turn to the city center. Also, in the evening, the Rainbow Bridge folds over the sparkling horizon with bright hues.

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