11 Top-Rated Places to visit in Rotterdam, Netherlands

What are the places to visit in Rotterdam, Netherlands? It is the first question that every person who comes to Amsterdam asks. To say that I have visited this beautiful city completely, we have to go to some places. So what are these places?

11 Top-Rated Places

Cube House (Kijk Kubus) – Rotterdam Netherlands

Solid-shaped houses are a structure planned by Piet Blom. It is probably one of the most remarkable structural models of Rotterdam and the world. Blom, who planned the intricate design inspired by timber, also made his works from wood.

 Cube Houses - Rotterdam Netherlands
Cube Houses – Rotterdam Netherlands

Houses are above or even below ground level. Figures are shifted 45 degrees when viewed from the outside. The figures are made with the standard of living in a metropolitan loft. There is also a fully equipped show house where you can tour the 3D square houses that appeal to the tree alone and the forest area while standing side-by-side for 2 Euros per person.

White House (Witte Huis) – Rotterdam Netherlands

Another of Rotterdam’s most wonderful engineering structures is the White House.

The striking Art Nouveau style of this building is probably its most striking feature. White facades, elaborate towers, and beautifying roofs give the building an extraordinary human presence.

White House -  Rotterdam Netherlands
White House – Rotterdam Netherlands

White House was recognized as the tallest structure in Europe in 1998. However, the White House has a penthouse that offers an extraordinary perspective on Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Market Area – Rotterdam Netherlands

Market Square is at the top of the list of places to visit in Rotterdam. Market Square is one of the busiest tourist traffic points in the city.

 Rotterdam Market Area -  Rotterdam Netherlands
Rotterdam Market Area – Rotterdam Netherlands

This market area is known as the main covered market in the Netherlands. This place is not only home to food vendors, shops, restaurants, and stalls. It also has more than 200 private apartments within its borders.

De Rotterdam  – Rotterdam Netherlands

When you go to Rotterdam, you should definitely go to De Rotterdam. It is known as perhaps the coolest tall structure in the Netherlands. This structure consists of 3 towers connected. In this way, it gives the impression of being stacked and moved on a platform.

De Rotterdam guarantees the highest efficiency throughout the structure. Despite this, it is harmless to the ecosystem with an energy monitoring framework.

 De Rotterdam
De Rotterdam

The best time of day to see De Rotterdam is that unique time just before dusk.

Erasmus Bridge  – Rotterdam Netherlands

This building has a history of 23 years. This bridge is a connection point connecting the north and south sides of the city. Fit like a violin. Otherwise, it is called “The Swan” among Rotterdamians because there is only one section in the extension. The Erasmus Bridge is the longest engineering overpass on the planet.

 Erasmus Bridge  - Rotterdam
Places to visit in Rotterdam – Erasmus Bridge  – Rotterdam

Erasmus Bridge is a vital point for Rotterdam residents. The extension includes walking paths, bike paths, vehicle streets, and cable car paths. At its base, trinket shops, covered parking, bars, bistros, and cafes will be just for you, accompanied by a wonderful view.

Luchtsingel Bridge – Rotterdam Netherlands

Luchtsingel is a 400m long joint extension built by more than 8,000 people. Moreover, this place is known by many as the main point of the city. You can see each issuer’s name on the wooden boards that surround the sides of the extension.

Luchtsingel Bridge
Luchtsingel Bridge

There are many reasons behind this wooden extension, which is a bright yellow hue. First, to associate the middle with Rotterdam North. The second was to renovate the often unnoticed space that was not regularly populated and overlooked.

Euromast Tower – Rotterdam Netherlands

In the 1960s, the Euromast Tower was planned by Hugh Maaskant as a lookout. Euromast, an individual from the “World Federation of Great Towers”, is an unquestionable requirement building. 

Euromast Tower
Euromast Tower

Hotel New York – Rotterdam Netherlands

This is one of the most perfect spots I’ve found in Rotterdam. Here the number of registered structures can be tied to a finger. It is at the highest point of Kop van. The Zuid District is the site of the base camp, formerly a site with the Holland America Line.

Hotel New York - Rotterdam new york
Hotel New York – Rotterdam new york

In the distant past, ships departing from Wilhelmina Harbor commute to and from New York. A large number of people once went to America, known for their new chances of success, to pursue a better life. The last boat left Rotterdam in 1971 as the shipping business changed.

The Holland America Line closed and the structure remained empty until 1993 when it became the Hotel New York. It is currently filling up as an extremely wonderful bistro and lodging.

Website: https://hotelnewyork.nl/

Europort – Rotterdam Netherlands 

It is perhaps the most active port on the planet. This port area is considered to be an important exchange gateway that highlights Europe. A point of interest to add to your list of places to visit in Rotterdam.

 Europort - rotterdam ship
Europort – rotterdam ship

The best thing to do in this port is to make boat visits. You can explore the hidden aspects of the harbor with the boats. You can see the environmental factors of the port, the cargo shipments, the port, the warehouse areas, and the area where the boats are kept.

Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo – Rotterdam Netherlands

Rotterdam Zoo is very old, it was founded in 1857. It has more than 1.5 million guests every year. The 150-year-old zoo is truly extraordinary in Europe. You can see creatures living in a wide variety of geologies, from the Asian rain forests to the Himalayas and African Savannahs.

Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo 
Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo 

Penguins, goliath turtles from Galapagos Island anticipate guests. It is open each day from 9 to 18:00. Youngsters 3-12 years 16.5€, 12 years and over 21€ 

The Park – Rotterdam Netherlands 

Have you at any point seen a recreation center without a name? Look at The Park on the off chance that you haven’t seen it. This is probably the most popular vacation spot in town. The park is just outside the city center

 The Park
The Park

The park also has a smaller-than-expected lawn and grill zone. It’s where the Dutch usually relax and vacation for the weekend. In case you are visiting Rotterdam in the late spring, I would say add this vivacious park of the city to your rundown of spots to visit.

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