The 12 Best Must-See Museums of New York


Museums of New York;

It’s no secret that New York has some of the world’s most important historical sites. Everything from the Met and Guggenheim craftsmanship collections to the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and Natural History museum chronicled shows are available in New York City for your viewing pleasure. Individuals with limited time are advised to focus on a few exhibition halls instead of trying to see them all. An entire day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) can feel like just an hour. Several historical sites are closed on Mondays, and hours are subject to change.


American Museum of Natural History

Perhaps the world’s largest museum is the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Situated in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in Theodore Roosevelt Park, opposite Central Park, the expansive exhibition space includes a library and planetarium, as well as 28 super-durable display corridors. Its collections include over 45 million examples of creatures, plants, human remains, and social curios as well as shooting stars and minerals. Open all year round, you can explore the American Museum of Natural History on your own or with a guide.

 American Museum of Natural History - museums of new york
American Museum of Natural History – museums of new york

Morgan Library and Museum

When it was known as the Pierpont-Morgan-Library before, it was a gallery and exploration library located in Manhattan’s Murray Hill neighborhood. It is an engineering landmark and notable site as well as a free examination library, music scene, and exhibition hall. Madison Avenue is where you’ll find the Morgan Library and Museum, a complex of buildings designed by Renzo Piano, with freshly landscaped gardens, as well as an amazing library that’s been restored to its former glory. Library and Museum in Morgan, British Columbia As a result, it is considered one of the world’s most important repositories of Western development from the 4th century to the 21st century.

Morgan Library and Museum – best museums new york

Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum was designed by New York architects McKim, Mead, and White to be the world’s largest social structure. Although just one-sixth of the exhibition hall has been completed, the gallery is now one of the most strong social foundations in the United States, housing a long-lasting, thorough collection of over 1,000,000 objects. Native American craftsmanship from the Southwest, American period rooms, exquisite outdated Egyptian, Islamic, and African fine arts, as well as major paintings, are all on display in the exhibition hall. These cutting-edge presentations and initiatives provide a modern viewpoint on authentic and traditional works alike while interacting with the world’s leading experts and thinkers.

Brooklyn Museum - museums of new york
Brooklyn Museum – museums of new york

New York City Museum

There’s a museum in New York City that’s dedicated to craftsmanship and history. Joseph H. Freedlander designed the neo-Georgian red block building that houses the historical center, which was founded in 1923 by Henry Collins Brown and dedicated in 1924 by his son. The historical center, located on Fifth Avenue at the north end of the Museum Mile opposite Central Park, contains a variety of exhibitions, including the primary exhibition hall presentation of New York’s first four centuries of history. Overlooking Central Park, statues of Adolph Alexander Weinman, DeWitt Clinton, and Alexander Hamilton adorn the structure’s façade.

National September 11 Memorial and Museum

Known as the 11/9 Memorial and Museum, it serves as a memorial and historical institution dedicated to honoring the survivors of September 11, 2001, and 2,977 World Trade Center psychological oppressor attacks. Six people were killed during the siege of the base camp. Israeli architect Michael Arad designed the exhibition hall and landmark at the World Trade Center site, which was where the Twin Towers had stood before they were destroyed in the September 1993 attacks. A swampy white oak wood surrounds the Twin Towers and includes two squares that reflect the ponds in the center of the site.

 National September 11 Memorial and Museum - museum in new york state
National September 11 Memorial and Museum – museum in new york state

New Contemporary Art Museum

There are nearly 1,000 modern pieces of art in the New Museum of Contemporary Art‘s collection, which spans a wide range of mediums. Located on Bowery Avenue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Marcia Tucker founded the New Museum in 1977. Aside from biennials and triennials conducted every year, the historical center offers presentations and summer exhibits that include the work of artists and artisans from all over the world, from Brazil and Bulgaria to Colombia, Cuba, and South Africa.

New Contemporary Art Museum – new york museums of art

Rubin Art Museum

To collect, exhibit and preserve human expressions from the Himalayas, India, and surrounding areas, the Rubin Art Museum is dedicated. A six-story display tower with a long-term collection that focuses on Tibetan artifacts, a craftsmanship studio, a venue for media events and exhibitions, contemporary and a region for documented photos, a bistro, and a gift shop make up the historical center’s 70,000-square-foot space in Chelsea’s elegant area. Other than that, the exhibition hall also has a 5,000-square-foot instructional center that offers public lessons as well as public presentations and discussions, as well as film screenings.

Rubin Art Museum – museums of new york

Frick Collection

On Manhattan’s Upper East Side, in the Henry Clay Frick House, lies the Frick Collection, one of the country’s most important centers of craftsmanship history. A remarkable collection of Old Master artworks and period furnishings is displayed in both long-term and focused short-term exhibits inside Frick’s former house. For example, there are works of art by leading European artists, French furniture from the 18th century, ceramics and sculptures, and oriental weaving artworks in the collection. Jean-Mistress Honor’s and Maid, by Johannes Vermeer, is one of the most notable. Work by Fragonard entitled The Advancement of Love, as well as work by Piero Della Francesca, entitled Saint John the Evangelist

Frick Collectionnew york museums of art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The common name for the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the Met. The Met was founded in 1870. Perhaps the most famous showrooms in the United States. The Met’s enduring variety includes more than one million show stoppers spanning over 5,000 years.

Although the exhibition hall has three destinations, its focal point is The Met Fifth Avenue. Its range features include American beautiful emoticons, weapons and shields, clothing, Egyptian craftsmanship, instruments, photographs, and much more.

Metropolitan Museum of Art - place in new york
Metropolitan Museum of Art – place in new york

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

With its collection of perfectly preserved display hall ships, the Intrepid Museum of Sea, Air, and Space in New York is committed to showcasing American military and marine history the USS Growler, the Lockheed A-12, the Concorde SST, and the C-17 Globemaster III are all on display at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, located at Pier 46 at 86th Street in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan’s West Side. Visit the Exploreum to ride in a real Bell 47 helicopter and land a rocket ship at the historical center.

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum - best museums new york
Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum – best museums new york

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

However well-known the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum maybe for its architecture, it is not well-known for its contents. In 1943, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed the extraordinary structure, which has a huge, twisting slope that he refers to as one continual floor. Picasso, Chagall, Leger, and Manet are all represented in the historical center’s collection of contemporary art.

 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum -
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum – museums of new york

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Between 1892 and 1984, Ellis Island processed about 12 million first-class and second-class ship passengers in New York Harbor. It is legal and therapeutic for people to come to the United States from the port of New York since they have a valid purpose. Since its renovation in 1990, Ellis Island has evolved into a historical site that educates visitors on the outsider experience.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum – museums of new york

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