14 Most Popular Beaches in Virginia to Visit

When it comes to beaches in Virginia, the first thing that comes to mind for almost everyone in Virginia Beach, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. But Virginia also has quality beaches along its East Coast coastline and inland public beaches found in state parks and recreation areas. There are many different types of beaches in Virginia. Features such as size-smallness, freshwater-salt water separate the beaches from each other. Some even include the excitement of enjoying small-town restaurants nearby or a pet-friendly day on the sand.

Find the best place to spend the day with our list of the best beaches in Virginia. Here are 14 beaches to enjoy the sun.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach - Image by Bryan Barbee from Pixabay
Virginia Beach – Image by Bryan Barbee from Pixabay

As we said in our preface when we say beaches in Virginia, the beach that comes to mind is definitely Virginia Beach. Vacationers love to swim in the Atlantic Ocean or sit against it. It’s close to the Chesapeake Bay, which promises to step outside of every beach activity like dining scene and building sandcastles. The variety of water and land experiences at Virginia Beach is incredible. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular with locals and out-of-towners.

Here you can suddenly find yourself watching a surf race. Or watching sand volleyball matches. You can swim or rent a bike and cycle around the beach. You can listen to the waves and read in the book in peace. No one should be surprised that a beach that can do so much is the most popular.

Sandbridge Beach

virginia beaches -  Sandbridge Beach
Virginia beaches – Sandbridge Beach

If you want to go to Virginia Beach but don’t like crowds, Sandbridge Beach may be the right choice for you. Considered part of Virginia Beach, this beach has 4.5 miles of shoreline. Sandbridge Beach stands out for being a quieter beach with fewer people. If you are looking for a quiet, calm, and beautiful beach, this beach is definitely the place you are looking for.

There aren’t as many hotels, restaurants, or shops on this beach as on Virginia beach. Here you can spend time with dunes, a unique sunset, and ocean waves, or head to nearby False Cape State Park for kayaking and fishing. You will never be bored here.

Colonial Beach

 Virginia beaches -  Colonial Beach
Virginia beaches – Colonial Beach

Colonial Beach is located in Northern Virginia between the Potomac River and Monroe Bay. There are several marinas near the beach. Therefore, you can do many activities from swimming and water sports to boating and fishing. Another feature of this beach is that it is pet-friendly. Pets can be brought to the beach between October 1st and March 31st as long as they are on a leash.

You can also go to Colonial Beach town and explore this small town.

Assateague Island National Seashore

Chincoteague Pony -   Virginia beaches
Chincoteague Pony – Virginia beaches

On the Assateague Island National Seashore is a beach famous for its wild ponies and unique natural scenery along with the ocean waters. It stretches from Virginia to Maryland with 37 miles of sandy shoreline. The area is best known for its wild Chincoteague Pony.

The best activity to do on this beach is to watch the rare migratory birds passing through the area with binoculars or to close your eyes and listen to the sound of the ponies. If you’re looking for a different activity, head to the top of the 1867 Assateague Lighthouse for unparalleled views of the state’s oceanfront and natural landscapes.

Cape Charles Beach

 Chesapeake Bay - Virginia beaches
Chesapeake Bay – Virginia beaches

Cape Charles Beach is one of the lesser-known seashores in Virginia. So it is perhaps the best spot to go. It is situated on the East Coast of the Chesapeake Bay. The public seashore has quiet, shallow waters. It is subsequently lovely for families and guests who would prefer not to swim in the sea waves. In case you’re searching for a seashore with simple admittance to water sports, Cape Charles Beach has various nearby suppliers that can book trips for you. If you’d prefer to plan your own paddling trip in the Gulf waters, the riggers additionally have kayaks for lease.

The seashore is only 10 miles north of the simple to-discover Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It’s pet agreeable with different hours at various seasons, so you’ll need to check before you go.

Kiptopeke State Park, which likewise has a public seashore and public shower, is close by. The town of Cape Charles is a notable town with little eateries and store shops. Convenience alternatives are generally little overnight boardinghouses in Cape Charles, for example, the Alyssa House Bed and Breakfast in a redesigned exceptionally old house.

Buckroe Beach

Chesapeake Bay - beaches near virginia
Chesapeake Bay – beaches near Virginia

A decent option in contrast to Virginia Beach is Buckroe seashore. Buckroe Beach has unbelievable perspectives on the Chesapeake Bay. Additionally, it has a coastline of about a mile long. The public seashore isn’t just about as swarmed as Virginia Beach, and the surf isn’t that harsh all things considered. Lifeguards are working throughout the late spring season. This seashore spot is ideal for getting the nightfall, watching sea untamed life, and noticing ships planning to show up in port.

Buckroe Beach is a helpful seashore with simple stopping and an on-location retail location to purchase sunscreen, water, and bites. Assuming you need to go through a day on the water, you can book a Jet Ski visit or lease a kayak or paddleboard from Hampton Watersports. There are numerous lodgings in Hampton, and many offer breakfast-included comfort, similar to the Hampton Inn Hampton-Newport News.

Belle Isle Beach

 Belle Isle Beach -  Virginia beaches
Belle Isle Beach – Virginia beaches

For a really remarkable “seashore” insight in Virginia, Belle Isle Beach in Richmond is awesome. Rather than sand and sea waves, it is viewed as a city seashore as it has normal level shakes that local people love to use for relaxing in the sun. While swimming isn’t prescribed because of the quick flow, this is an extraordinary alternative on the off chance that you simply need to be around the water and plunge your feet to chill. The territory encompassing Belle Isle Beach has bluffs and little, peaceful shallow pools of water.

Beauty Isle Beach is situated in Belle Isle Historic Park in midtown Richmond. A decent alternative on the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to head to the sea and go through the day. The recreation center itself is a 54-section of a land island that was once a Native American fishing town. Notwithstanding the perfect city seashore, there are climbing trails and some authentic locales to visit.

Ocean View Beach

Ocean View Beach -  beaches near Virginia
Ocean View Beach – beaches near Virginia

Sea View Beach in Norfolk is really 7.5 miles since a long time ago, comprised of a progression of seashores. There’s a lot of coastlines to sunbathe, swim, walk the seashore, and construct sand palaces. A pleasant public seashore is not difficult to track down assuming you need the comfort of stopping, cafés, sea shore access, convenience, and swimming close by.

In case you’re arranging an entire day at the seashore, close by Ocean View Park has a hammam and outdoor tables. Assuming you need to fish, fishing docks and fishing gear rentals are accessible. If not, the Ocean View docks will be the best Norfolk people watching you can discover.

Jamestown Beach

Jamestown Beach – beaches near Virginia

Outstanding amongst other maintained sea shore mysteries in Virginia is Jamestown Beach, situated close to the notable Jamestown Settlement. Concessions incorporate a beachfront park with conveniences like a dock, outing regions, bathrooms, and concealed regions. It’s a family-accommodating seashore with tidal ponds and a lovely park for when you need some break from the sun.

Jamestown Beach is an extraordinary extra choice in case you’re now visiting Historic Jamestowne or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The recreation center charges non-occupants a little day-by-day expense for access.

Kerr Lake

If you favor lake seashores to seashores, Lake Kerr on Buggs Island in Clarksville is your smartest option. With 50,000 sections of land of water, it is the biggest lake in Virginia. Around the lake, you can discover covered-up inlets and above 800 miles of shoreline. There are many swimming spots and water sports alternatives, for example, water skiing, drifting, and cruising.

The size of Lake Kerr implies you have numerous choices for tracking down the right conduit to suit your inclinations. In case you’re enjoying nature, it encompasses the lake with conveniences like Ivy Hill Park, Buffalo Park, North Bend Park, Rudds Creek, Palmer Point Park, and Longwood Park.

Bethel Beach

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

If you will likely smell the pungent air and feel the sea breeze, Bethel Beach offers that and that’s just the beginning. It is situated in the Bethel Beach Nature Reserve, encircled by rises and a thin coastline.

The special thing about this coastline is that it is continually changing because of the breezes from the space. The unblemished seashore is viewed as a preservation region, so while you’ll discover ideal seashore conditions with water and ensured living spaces, you will not discover bathrooms, litter offices, or evolving regions.

Bethel Beach is best for a couple of hours versus the entire day seashore visit. While the tidal ponds, bay waters, and little channels are home to 185 types of local and transitory birds, you’re probably going to detect some uncommon untamed life while you’re here. Bethel Beach is available to general society and stopping is accessible in close-by rock regions.

Smith Mountain Lake Beach

Quite possibly the most mainstream seaside seashore in Virginia is Smith Mountain Lake. It is the second biggest lake in the state and is encircled by a cabin local area. The freshwater seashores on the lake are incredible for families and water sports lovers. There are many swimming regions and the lake is appropriate for fly skiing, sailing, and fishing.

There is a public fishing wharf and many cookout regions. Smith Mountain Lake has set up camp offices and a lot of trees to balance a lounger in the shade following a day on the water.

Yorktown Beach

 Yorktown Beach
Yorktown Beach – Beaches in Virginia

The little shoreline of Yorktown Beach is a two-section of land public seashore situated in memorable Yorktown. This little seashore is decent for families as there are accommodations like bathrooms and eateries close by. Notwithstanding the seashore, there is a fishing dock and comfortable cookout regions.

Admittance to Yorktown Beach is simple. You can stop in broad daylight spaces in Yorktown and take free transport to the seashore. Swimming is the most well-known action at the seashore, however kayaks and paddleboards can be leased from a neighborhood tailor. For an additional seashore trip, you can cruise toward the distant horizon or take a notable boat voyage on the York River.

Lake Anna

With 200 miles of shoreline, Lake Anna in northern Virginia is the third biggest lake in the state. There is an excellent white sand public seashore. Aside from the shortfall of waves, you will think you are in the sea. Lake Anna has clear water, so it is a pleasant spot to swim and unwind on the shoreline.

The lake is likewise famous for water sports, for example, water skiing, water skiing, and sailing. There are a few gear and marinas around the lake where you can purchase hardware for the afternoon or take exercises to gain proficiency with another water game, for example, water skiing.

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